Since 1990, proDAD has been delivering world-class digital video effects and image enhancement technologies serving the consumer, enthusiast, and professional market segments.

The proDAD Story

proDAD is a digital video and image enhancement software development company with offices in Immendingen, Germany and Manteca, California USA. The proDAD name has a meaning: “professional Digital Animation Design” and is known best for video effects plugins that allow the company’s range of video filter effects to be applied within video editing projects in the consumer and professional video editing software market segments.

In more recent times, proDAD has shifted focus to advanced image enhancement technologies for video stabilization, camera CMOS sensor distortion correction, optical flow, and motion flow to name a few. These technologies have fueled a series of stand-alone products that do not rely on video editing software applications to function, and these technologies have been licensed to other technology brands for inclusion in their own products and online services.


proDAD was founded by Holger Burkarth and Andreas Huber in 1990, during the dawn of personal computers being used for video editing in TV studios and video production suites. The company’s first video effect technology ran on Amiga person computers and allowed simple effects to be added between segments of video in what is now commonly called a transition effect. This technology would go on to become proDAD’s Adorage product line.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s proDAD continued developing and enhancing how video effects could be used in PCs and long with better quality effects as the capabilities of PCs advanced, the concept of plug-ins was born. Plug-ins provide channels within a video editing application to seamlessly bring in different types of add-on effects and capabilities. proDAD embraced plug-in development whole-heartedly and was one of the early pioneers in the emerging desktop video editing market.

In the mid-2000’s proDAD had expanded their video effects plug-ins beyond simple effects and transitions and moved into video filter effects including video titling. During the same time proDAD pioneered its first video enhancement technology…video stabilization and the now-famous Mercalli video stabilizer. This was a revolutionary development as until then there was not a cost-effective way to stabilize video post-capture. Only the big-budget studios could afford the technology to smooth out video after the fact but proDAD brought this capability within the price range of smaller and independent filmmakers, and as a plug-in so the effect could be done within the video-editing timeline.

During the mid-2010’s, proDAD had further advanced image enhancement technologies including video stabilization, but also brought new innovations to market to coincide with a new crop of video cameras like the Flip camcorder and the emergence of action cameras from GoPro, which were meant to be worn during sports and adventure activities. This spawned an entire new class of image enhancement technologies from proDAD including fisheye warp distortion correction that could flatten the warped video and still images caused by the super-wide angle lenses of these new action cameras. Video stabilization needed to be further refined to deal with warped images and rolling-shutter and vibration/oscillation distortions caused by the cameras CMOS imaging sensor had been developed. proDAD invested in developing optical flow, motion flow, and dynamic frame blending technologies and in the process the ProDrenalin action camera software was born as the first software specifically developed to correct the common video problems caused by action cameras. The ReSpeedr and DeFishr software products are an off-shoot of this development effort. Unlike plug-ins, these 3 products were meant to be used primarily as stand-alone applications as the processing required went beyond the capabilities of most video editor plug-in interfaces.



  • Adorage Video & Transitions Effects
  • Heroglyph Video Titling & Trailer Animation Effects
  • VitaScene Professional/Broadcast Video Filter Effects
  • Mercalli Video Stabilizer & CMOS Distortion Correction
  • DeFishr Automatic Fisheye Distortion Correction

Stand Alone (SAL)

  • Mercalli Video Stabilizer & CMOS Distortion Correction
  • ProDrenalin Action Camera Video Enhancement
  • DeFishr Automatic Fisheye Distortion Correction
  • ReSpeedr Slow-motion and Timelapse Creator is the proDAD website that is focused on action camera and aerial drone markets and primarily sells the ProDrenalin V1/V2, Mercalli V3/V4 SAL, ReSpeedr, and DeFishr applications. The website is maintained by the proDAD, Inc. office in Manteca, California USA.


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