You get the shots, we’ll adrenalize them.

When using a GoPro™ type action camera, speeding vehicles on roads or tracks can cause CMOS sensor jello and skew (rolling shutter distortion) as well as fisheye distortion. We’ve got the horsepower to fix it.


Out on the Water
The pitching and rolling motion of boats and other watercrafts can create shaky video and possibly fisheye distortion. We’ll heal the motion sickness.


Snow, Ski and Winter
Skiing and snowboarding with action cameras can lead to shaky video and fisheye distortion. And bright white snow often messes with the camera sensor’s color balance. All fixable. (We wouldn’t leave you out in the cold)


Up for an Adventure?
Mountain biking and off-roading produce lots of shake, fisheye distortions and video “noise”. Remember we stabilize, de-warp, reduce noise and sharpen video. We’ll keep you on track.


Extreme Sports
Skateboarding, BMX, and other extreme sports are so shaky, the video can be unwatchable. Our X, Y, and Z-axis stabilization is extremely effective. Go for it.


Aerial Drones
Fixed wing or a multi-rotor heli platforms often experience wind currents and other environmental factors that create pitch, roll, and yaw of the aircraft. Fisheye distortion (especially at the horizon), rolling-shutter distortion, shaky, and vibrating video is often the result. We can dramatically improve aerial footage. So you film can soar.


No matter the cam, amp up the action with ProDrenalin.

Amp-up footage shot with GoPro, DSLR, Hand-held cameras, Phones, Helmet- and Vehicle-mounted cameras. ProDrenalin has an abundant library of camera profiles on hand with the ability to upload additional profiles as needed.



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