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ProDrenalin V1 Camera Profile Service Pack
Click here to get the DJI Phantom 4, Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Session and other recently added camera profiles, to be manually added to ProDrenalinor DeFishr.


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Questions before purchase?

Q: Why would anyone buy Defishr if the fisheye removal is already part of ProDrenalin for less money?

A: Defishr contains a special tool for creating custom camera profiles. ProDrenalin has a wide range of pre-set camera profiles for the common cameras out there, but if you have a DSLR with a unique lens or you’ve added an aftermarket lens or adapter to your action camera, you may well need to create a custom camera profile and then use the profile in Defishr to remove fisheye from video shot on that camera. Defishr camera profiles can also be imported into ProDrenalin.

Q: What is the difference between the stabilization found in ProDrenalin or ReSpeedr vs. Mercalli V3 SAL?

A: Both ProDrenalin and ReSpeedr have basic video stabilization based on the Mercalli engine, however it’s a simple “off or on” stabilization. Mercalli V3 SAL on the other hand offers some tools for fine-tuning the amount of stabilization that is applied to the video and a bunch of visualization options. Mercalli is the gold standard video stabilizer relied on by video professionals worldwide.

Q: Is a Mac version of ReSpeedr, Mercalli, and Defishr available?

A: Currently no however we are studying the possibility to introduce Mac versions of these products. ProDrenalin is available for Mac, as a trial version which can be unlocked.

Q: Can I buy CD-ROM versions of these products?
A: Yes, Amazon.com does sell our full retail packages of these products on CD-ROM.

Product support Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What about a Mac version of ProDrenalin V2+?

A: We are in development of the Mac version, it will be available soon.

Q: Will ProDrenalin V1 still be supported?

A: There is no further development on ProDrenalin V1 in terms of features however we will make new camera profiles available in “camera service packs” so V1 customers can add newly released action camera profiles to their ProDrenalin V1 installations.

Q: I see there is a 32-bit and 64-bit Windows version; which one should I install?

A: Most users will download and install the 64-bit version of ProDrenalin as most new PCs sold in the past 3 ~ 4 years ship with a 64-bit version of Windows.  Some older computers may still be 32-bit; if there is any question; here’s how do determine what version of Windows you are running: //windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/32-bit-and-64-bit-Windows-frequently-asked-questions

Q: Okay, I have installed ProDrenalin, what do I do first for the best results?

A: Is you video shaky and in need of stabilizing?  If so, does the entire clip need to be stabilized?  Because stabilizing requires a full analysis of the clip, if you have extra “not needed” footage; it’s best to first “Trim” the clip by dragging the “in” and “out” markers to mark the video start & stop points.  Once done, you can check the “stabilize” option to analyze the video.  After that, you can select a “camera profile” if your video has fisheye/warp, or if you need to adjust color/contrast/brightness, or adjust the video zoom/pan/roll/tilt you can do this next as the order the optimizations are done is not important.  De-noising is an option during Export.

Q: How does the Batch Processing function work?

A: ProDrenalin can process multiple files at once, which is a huge time savings.  Drag and drop all the video clips into the “Media Bin”.  Select the first video clip and then hold the shift key and select the other clips one at a time.  After selecting the applicable settings, during Export the clips will be processed together.

Q:  Why is the Mac version not available to buy immediately?

A: ProDrenalin Mac is currently only offered as a trial version for user testing and evaluation to ensure it meets a user’s needs prior to purchase.  ProDrenalin Mac currently is a virtualized version of the ProDrenalin Windows version, and is currently only available in a 32-bit application format.  Users finding ProDrenalin Mac a useable solution can purchase an unlock code within the trial version though please note the product is offered “as is”.

Q:  My video does not have any fisheye distortion; do I need to select a camera profile?

A: No, it’s not mandatory to select a camera profile in ProDrenalin.  Select a camera profile only if you need to de-warp an image or video.

Q: I need to de-warp a video or image but I don’t see my camera in the list of camera profiles, what should I do?

A: Most action cameras use similar imaging sensors and lenses so you may get acceptable results with one of the provided camera profiles.  The CamOne and GoPro generic profiles often work very well.  If you are not getting the results you desire, you can create a custom camera profile using proDAD’s Defishr application, which has a function to create a custom camera profile using the Calibrator tool.  The saved camera profile can be imported into ProDrenalin.

Mercalli SAL Mac FAQs

Tutorial Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gl07XhwT-k0

Q: I downloaded the trial version, when I analyze a clip, there are “+” grid-marks in the video and an “M” also in the exported video. How do I remove?
A: Purchasing a license for Mercalli SAL Mac will remove the gridlines and the M at export. This is a watermark for the trial version.

Q: Will H.265/HEVC be supported soon?
A: Yes, when Apple releases MacOS X High Sierra later this year H.265/HEVC will automatically be supported by Mercalli SAL Mac for import and export.

Q: Does proDAD plan to make a plugin for Final Cut Pro X?
A: We are considering it but no specific time-frame currently. It should be noted that Mercalli SAL Mac delivers better corrections than is possible with a plugin, which is why we focused on the stand-alone version first.

Q: When I try to install Mercalli SAL Mac and run it, I get an “unexpected error has occurred”. Why did I get this message?
A: Check to be sure your Mac is running MacOS X 10.11 or 10.12 and that you have at least 4GB of RAM. This is a requirement to run Mercalli SAL Mac. If your Mac meets this spec, please contact support.

Q: I analyzed a clip and the preview looks worse than the original clip, what did I do wrong?
A: This could happen if you enabled CMOS correction but the clip did not really have any CMOS distortions. Its natural that when you have a clip that looks bad you want to use the biggest hammer to fix it, but might make things worse. The default setting of the CMOS correction is OFF, and you should try first with stabilization only. If the clip still needs help, try the first level of CMOS correction first. It also adds considerable processing time.

Q: When should I use ProRes 4444 over 442?
A: If the original file was a ProRes 4444 file, exporting in the same format retains the highest quality. If you want a smaller file, you can use 442. If you are exporting to post to YouTube or other social media channels, H.264/AVC is the more common format and has the balance of smaller file size and good quality. If you plan to edit further in Final Cut Pro, Premier Pro, etc, keep in the highest quality format possible, and that’s ProRes.

Q: What if I want to move Mercalli SAL Mac to another Mac?
A: You can do this easily. You first need to “de-activate” your license on the current machine. You do this in the Help pull-down menu (selected De-activate license, and then confirm). On the other Mac, download the latest version from the purchase link you had originally (or just download the trial version from the website). Activate Mercalli SAL Mac using the original Activation & license keys you were issued when you purchased.

Q: How do I check for updates to Mercalli SAL Mac?
A: Mercalli SAL Mac automatically checks for an update every time you launch the app. If an update is available, you will be prompted to download it. You can skip the update, but each time you launch the app it will remind you about the update.

Q: How do I remove Mercalli SAL Mac from my Mac?
A: Simply drag the Mercalli SAL app from your Applications folder to the trash. This removes the app from your Mac entirely.


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