There’s nothing like ProDrenalin. It’s a simple yet effective tool for enhancing sports, action or aerial drone video. You can make lots of fixes without the complexity of a full-blown video editing application. No other video editor does so much so easily.

The good stuff.

Bye bye fisheye
Fully automatic fisheye distortion and perspective distortion correction. Just select the camera used from our menu and ProDrenalin corrects and flattens the image.


Stabilize, right before you eyes
proDAD’s famous video stabilization engine is built in and automated to give you professional-looking result with just a click.
True colors
Easy color, brightness and contrast correction with handy pre-sets. Fine-tuning sliders let you make the picture perfect.
Point and click
Just click and drag “start” and “stop” markers where you want your video clip to begin and end. Clip trim editing made simple


Turn down the noise
“De-noising” (performed during Export) greatly reduces random sensor noise from the camera and sharpens the video.


Un-tilt the world
Was your camera mounted off-axis or completely inverted? No worries. Virtual camera adjustments let you adjust the video tilt, pan, roll, and zoom and more.
Before and after
Enjoy side-by-side or top-to-bottom previews
of the original video vs. the enhanced edit. What a difference.
Fun with formats
Export optimized video in MP4 or MOV formats for sharing or importing into other editing software to make a complete movie.
Mac® or Windows®? Yes
ProAdrenalin is available for both formats (see below). Everyone plays well together.
Our auto-update feature keeps ProDrenalin current with updates to new versions and different camera profiles.

The advanced stuff.

Resolution, resolved
Even if you’re making advanced 4K and 2.7K high resolution videos, you’re covered.
We support both formats.

Processing progress
Have lot of clips to process? We offer batch processing. So you can put all your clips into
media bin and process them simultaneously.

Mac™ facts:
The current version of ProDrenalin Mac is 32-bit only and compatible with OSX up to 10.8, which is fine for most users (we’re working on a Mavericks compatible revision).
However, it’s not compatible with 4K or 2.7 video clips. Not yet, anyway.


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