The ultimate in video smoothing & optimization is finally here. The revolutionary new proDAD Mercalli V4 SAL+ tool not only smooths out camera shakes and bumps but also gets rid of vibration jitter and jello wobble in video, caused by camera CMOS sensor distortions.

The paradigm is shifting,
your videos won’t be

Mercalli V4 SAL+ is really
two products in one

It’s a fantastically improved video stabilizer that builds on Mercalli’s legendary capabilities and new fully automatic CMOS distortion correction technology. It’s all packaged in a Windows Stand-Alone application. So you get vast correction powers without the limitations of restrictive video editing plugins.

Contrary to rumor, CMOS is not a missing link monster living at the bottom of Lake Michigan. It’s a sensor in digital cameras (video and still) that is responsible for capturing the image or video.

Problem, finally solved

The artifacts mistaken for “shake” are often CMOS sensor distortions that traditional video stabilization cannot really correct. Resolution lost in the “zoom in” that other stabilizer software or in-cam stabilizers apply is now reduced or eliminated. Mercalli V4’s new CMOS distortion correction requires virtually no zoom-in and is fully AUTOMATIC. Correcting the CMOS distortions alone may give you the desired video quality. If more correction is required, then stabilization can be applied for further optimization. You’re good to go — to greatness.


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Available for Windows PC

This is how you do it.

Blast CMOS errors like a pro.
Now you too can rid the world of troubling jello, wobble and shake like a pro. Phil Hinkle shares the ins, outs and secrets of Mercalli V4 SAL+. CMOS censors everywhere are relieved.

The good stuff.

New CMOS correction
= pure video perfection

Fully automatic CMOS sensor distortion correction ends the jiggle, wiggle and wobble found in fast-action videos typically made with action cameras and aerial copters and planes. Even when gimbals and other dampening mounts are used, oscillation vibrations from engines, rotors, and road/trail sources can still cause jitter and jello. Solid ground, at last! Mercalli V4 SAL+ only needs to analyze 10 or so video frames to “learn” the camera’s imaging sensor characteristics. Then it applies the correction automatically. Options include a draft-correction mode and higher-quality modes that take longer to process but yield the best quality. Jello (good for shots, bad for videos) is history.

Stabilization sensation
Enjoy highly effective stabilization without compromising the original character of the video. New action camera stabilization profile & camera optics selection offers optimal stabilization of warped (fisheye) images without needing to de-warp first– an industry first. But certainly not our last first.

Freedom to fiddle — fine-tuning options
A world of possibilities — that’s what puts Mercalli V4 SAL+ above the rest. You have a ton of options for precisely controlling how much stabilization is applied. You demand professional results. Mercalli V4 SAL+ delivers — and then some.

In-Cam VS MV4
We’ll give the in-cam stabilizer in this video a few extra points for effort, but compared to the Mercalli V4 SAL+ CMOS correction technology, it leaves viewers more shaken than stirred.

Border patrol
New Dynamic Zoom-in control greatly reduces the amount of zoom-in needed to effectively stabilize; resulting in maximum video resolution and view area and still keeps video borders intact – a Mercalli legendary feature is now better than ever.

The power without the compromise
Mercalli V4 SAL+ is offered as a Windows Stand-Alone application – bringing you the full power of the new Mercalli stabilization engine and the new CMOS correction technology. Bumpy, shaky, and jiggly videos are no more. Most video editing software uses very restrictive plug-in interfaces that would not allow Mercalli V4’s power to shine through. What will you do with all this power?

Best of the batch
Instead of correcting videos one at a time, you can now load an unlimited number into Mercalli V4 SAL+ – Multiple clips can be imported and analyzed as a batch, and corrected clips can be exported & rendered as a batch, each with customized settings.

Editing? Easy
Use the media-bin as your storyboard. Mercalli V4 SAL+ can “combine” several clips together to create one export file for a fast rough-cut movie. Simple and intuitive clip editing allows “click & drag” adjustment of the beginning and end of a video clip before applying correction to save processing time and get just the parts you want.

Enjoy the previews (in full resolution)
You can preview your video in full resolution before rendering. At the same time, you can view side-by-side before and after comparisons of your film. Welcome relief for the perfectionist in us all.

Exporting made exceptionally easy
Whether you’re sharing it or importing it to a video editor, you can export your optimized video in several industry standard formats including new HEVC/H.265 (mov), H.264/AVC (mp4 & mov), Motion JPEG (mov), and Apple ProRes (mov). Dolby AC-3 audio is supported too! It’s easy to share. (Your mother was right.)

Feature comparison.

For your inner geek.

The well-formatted video.

Supported Video INPUT Formats:
mov | mpg | mpeg | mp4 | mts | m2t
m2ts | m2v | avi | wmv | mxf | vob
vcd | 3pg | Canopus DV | Canopus HD

Supported Video OUTPUT Formats:
H.264 (MOV &MP4) | HEVC/H.265 (MOV)
Apple ProRes (MOV) | and Motion JPEG (MOV)

Supported Video Resolutions:
SD: 640 x 480 | 1024 x 764 | 720 x 480
HD: 720P | 1080i | 1080p
UltraHD: 2.7K | 4K

Min. System Requirements:

Intel® Core™ i3 (Core i7 recommended) or equivalent CPU with 6GB RAM, 25MB hard disk space.Windows® 10 (64-bit), Windows® 8/8.1 (64-bit), or Windows® 7 (64-bit). Mercalli V4 SAL+ will utilize a GPU, if present.

Supported Action Camera list
(warped image stabilization)

  • CamOne (generic profile)
  • Canon EOS 60D DSLR with
    EFS15-85 15/24/35mm lens
  • Canon XHA1 DSLR with
    20X zoom 45 – 90 lens
  • Canon HFG10
  • Contour HD Mod 1300
  • Contour +2
  • Contour ROAM series
  • Drift HD 170
  • DJI Phantom Vision FC200 camera
  • DJI Phantom Vision 2+ FPV camera
  • Garmin VIRB
  • GoPro Hero (generic profile)
  • GoPro Hero 2
  • GoPro Hero 3
  • GoPro Hero 3+
  • GoPro Hero 4
  • Ion Air Pro
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC T27
  • Rollei Bullet HD
  • Rollei Bullet S5
  • Samsung Galaxy
    SII & SIII smartphones
  • Sony AS10/AS30/AS30
  • Sony AS100
  • Sony AZ1


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