The Mercalli V4 Suite contains NLE plugins for Vegas or EDIUS & the Mercalli V4 SAL+ stand alone app


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The good stuff.

Stays in Vegas
Highly effective correction for shaky, wobbly, jittery video for seamless use within Vegas 12 and 13 as a plugin.

Stabilize, right before your eyes
proDAD’s famous video stabilization engine is built in and automated to give you professional-looking results with just a click.

So advanced, it can drive itself
Full-auto mode allows selected portion of a video clip to be analyzed and corrected with recommended settings, or fine-tuned manually.

CMOS Fixr 3

Less zoom, more resolution
Almost no zoom-in compared with Mercalli V2 and the Vegas internal stabilizer for higher final resolution and view area.

Zero-in on not so hot spots
Interactive charts show graphically where the “hot spots” of shake are in a clip to help zero-in on areas that could benefit from correction.

Stabilization here and there
New “fade”-option seamlessly starts and ends stabilization, bringing to life an oft-requested feature to stabilize a short sequence within a longer scene.

Smarter fix for CMOS distortions
Automatic CMOS distortion correction automatically analyzes the video and “learns” the camera’s CMOS sensor characteristics and dynamically corrects distortions, removing wobble, jello, and vibration jitter with virtually no zoom-in.

CMOS Fixr 1

Go native
Includes the Mercalli V4 SAL+ stand-alone version with its enhanced correction not possible in a plugin to help fix stubborn clips.

Un-steep learning curve

Get up to speed fast with Mercalli V4’s intuitive user interface. It’s easy to use, fast to learn.

For your inner geek.

Recommended System Requirements

Intel Corei7 with 8GB RAM, GPU enabled graphics card with 2GB or more VRAM. Windows 10, Windows 8/1/8, Windows 7. Requires Sony Vegas Pro 12/13 or Grass valley EDIUS 7/8.


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