Deep six fisheye, automatically. Custom profiles for camera / lens combos.


SloMo and time lapse, no lapse of awesomeness.


All-in-One Action Cam Optimizer


Stabilize a shaky world.

ProDrenalin Suite

The ultimate action-cam, stabilization and time-control tools. So suite.


The revolutionary CMOS stabilization technology.



Стабилизируйте шаткий мир.




В каждом отрезке времени не пропустите удивительное. 




Целая энчилада видео оптимизаторов.




Удаление «рыбьего глаза» автоматически.


Снимайте свои фильмы.


ProDrenalin укрощает крутые и резкие повороты по пути озера Тахо; прокладывая путь оптимизированного видео по его береговой дорожке.



Get some clarity. ReSpeedr Получите больше четкости. ReSpeedr
захватывает даже мельчайшие детали до 1,000кадр/c.



ProDrenalin и ReSpeedr убирают
искажение камеры для стабильного мира вокруг. Действительно динамичный дуэт.


Теперь презентация функции.


Smooth Out the Rough Edges of Your Action Video

If you wonder why demonstration videos from action-camera makers like the GoPro look so smooth and flawless, there’s a trick to it. Professionals have software that reduces jolts and vibration in the video after it has been shot, as well as software that enhances the look and color

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Streaming Mediaspacer
ProDrenalin does what it claims to do
and does it pretty well.

To capture the footage I got my GoPro Hero2 camera out and mounted on my tricopter. For this test my best copter was down for repairs so I had to fly with my backup copter. While it flies nicely, it doesn’t have some of the more advanced features of my main copter that make it fly as accurately and smoothly. Since this is partly a test of stabilization, I figured that using the less steady copter would just push the software a little harder.

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ProDrenalin corrects all the problems
common to video taken with mobile devices
and action cameras.

So you just rode your bicycle off a cliff with a parasail attached, landed on top of an off-road vehicle, then bungeed off a bridge as you grabbed a six-pack off a riverboat captain’s lap. And you recorded the whole experience on an action cam. The problem is, when you played the video back for your friends, they all got nauseated from the fast-action camera jump, fish-eye effect, and rolling shutter effect plaguing your video.

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This excellent action-video editing
software provides professional-grade results with an intuitive interface and simple tools, so anyone can use it.

This software is impressively easy to use. It is simple to install, has an intuitive interface and walks you through importing your video files, including a flashing red and orange box with basic instructions for importing and editing your videos. There are tips on the opening page that teach you how to use the tools and where to find them. The side-by-side comparison of the original and edited videos is very helpful to see the changes you’ve made before you render the completed video.

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